The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPCE-UP), a unit of the Porto University, is the only public university where teaching and research in the fields of Psychology and Educational Sciences is carried out.

The faculty was one of the first schools of psychology in Portugal, starting its activities in 1976/77, on the premises of the Faculty of Arts (University of Porto). Officially, FPCE-UP was created in 1980. The faculty has had several locations, however in 2005 FCPE-UP settled in a new building created specifically in the Asprela campus near to other units of the University of Oporto. Currently, about 2000 students attend FPCE-UP.

The College offers degrees Educational Science and Psychology (Integrated Master in Psychology, 5 years). There are also postgraduate, masters and doctorate courses. Additionally, the Faculty provides continuing educational programs in order to meet the requirements of vocational, civic and cultural training. Beyond education, FPCE-UP is engaged in research and development activities and provides services to the community through its institutes and research centers.

FPCE-UP´s location in the Asprela campus. It is a prime location in the northern city of Porto, enjoys direct access by road as well as direct public transport connections to main transportations hubs in Porto (the S. Bento and Campanhã railway stations, and the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport).

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