Keynote Speakers

Celene Domitrovich

Strategies to enhance the social, emotional, and academic learning of all students

This presentation provides an overview of social emotional learning, its research base, and CASEL's model of district and school-wide programming. Celene Domitrovich's bio

Bill Pfohl

Crisis Intervention: ISPA's Response

The keynote will focus on what ISPA has done in response to global crises. Bill Pfohl's bio

Alexander Grob

Assessing Cognitive and Developmental Functions across Childhood

The presentation argues from a developmental and personality psychology background showing the importance to validly assess at early stages in life children’s competencies and weaknesses in a comprehensive manner. Alexander Grob's bio

Luísa Faria

Social and Emotional Education: Some Reflections about the Portuguese Practice

This keynote begins by presenting a view of social and emotional education in Portugal and highlights the transformations that have taken place within the Portuguese education system.

In this context, several specific examples of schools and their practices are presented, as well as an intervention programme for children developed as part of a university research project, stressing that both personal and social education and social and emotional education are based on a belief in the plasticity of human personality and its ability to be positively altered through learning. Luísa Faria's bio