Post-Conference Tour (21st July): Minho Tour

Social Program activity announced

Minho is the oldest and most traditional region of Portugal. Even now it is a very denselypacked network of villages and cities, separated by hills. This visit will begin in Porto at 9.30 AM and it will focus in two Minho cities: Guimarães and Braga.

Guimarães was European capital of cultural on 2012 and it known to be the Portugal's birthplace. Guimarães's castle is the most iconic monument representing those days. Visitants will visit the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança of Guimarães. Elevated to National Monument since 1910, it has recently been renovated, and it is a faithful reconstructed of power seat from the 16th century. This monument is one of the most visited in Portugal by both Portuguese and foreigners. There will also be a visit to the city´s historic center, with its narrow and arched beautiful streets, where visitors will have lunch in a traditional Portuguese house with local dishes.

Braga is the next stop, an ecclesiastical center for Portugal, since before there was a Portugal. Braga has been important since the Roman Empire. The most important tourist spots are: Braga Cathedral, Historic Center and the Bom Jesus Sanctuary.

The Braga cathedral is the oldest in Portugal and the richest of the monuments in this city. Tradition has it that the diocese of Braga was created in the 3rd century. The present building is actually built on the site of another religious construction, possibly an earlier cathedral. On the top of a hill, overlooking the city of Braga, only few kilometers from Braga, rises majestically the religious Bom Jesus sanctuary, where nature and art are said to "hold hands" to make it a real ex-libris of the city of Archbishops.

More details about this tour, as well as information on prices and registration will available soon in the Social Program section of the website.