The Farewell Party will take place in Herança Magna, 8 pm, 20th July

Social Program activity announced

The Farewell Party will take place on the 20th July from 8pm to 12pm, in Herança Magna (Magnum Heritage). Herança Magna is an integrated event designed to combine traditional regional music, dance and gastronomy. During the night the participant will be in contact and sharing the historic heritage and traditions along with the dining experience.

This experience will take place within the walls of an old Porto wine cellar, composed of three wings bear references to the roots of a hardworking people, endowed with a deep sacrifice spirit, as tough as granite, as proud as the river and as genuine as the wine that conveyed its name to the world. Before, during and after dinner, customers will come into contact with a selection of the best traditions of the region, you will taste Porto wine, listen to fado, appreciate and participate in the folklore, watch a traditional play and experience the traditional festive spirit of the Saint John´s party.

The Farewell Party is included in the registration for delegated and accompanying persons.

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